About us

Why us?

  • Extremely competitive price point.
  • In house fashion designer to support customer’s design & development team.
  • Collection and sampling support to convert your concept in reality.
  • In house QC fleet& technical team to ensure quality inbulk products.
  • Highly experienced professional merchandising team to handle your order and to make on time shipment.
  • Pro-active response & proper communication skill.
  • In house testing.
  • 100% Compliant.


Souring an appropriate factory for a particular order is very important. We have separate departments working as a teamto carefully inspect a potential factory against customer particular requirements. We carefully evaluate & provide most practical inspection reports to our customer before finalizing a factory for the production. For a copy of our inspection report please e-mail us.Below points we check during inspection.

  1. Technical Capability: Our technical team evaluates the presence of required machineries& workers skill,which is necessary toachieve required quality. They also evaluate the CAD/pattern department as well during their inspection. Not only evaluation, during their visit they also share their expertise as well.
  2. Financial Capability: We believeevaluating financial capability of a factory is very important before placing an order. Our commercial team check factories bank liabilities, credit limits, capability of opening back to back LC, supplier payment histories etc. by communicating their respective bank during inspection.
  3. Compliance Issues: From the beginningof garment industry compliance was a very important issue. Our compliance department is very strong & they carefully evaluate the full status of factory compliance.If a factory does not meet the requirement, we help them to achieve the standard by closely working with them. This benefits them for other customers too. Right now almost all of our associate factories are compliant. We follow standard of:





Work Process

From price quotation to shipping of bulk goods, we go through very carefully planned procedures which makes us more efficient not only to organize on time delivery & ensure proper quality but also helps us to establish better communication with our customers. We make sure that our customers receive every update on-time throughout the whole order execution period.